Form D Action: Kaleidoscope Vr $120007 Financing. Rene Pinnell Released Oct 11 Form D

Kaleidoscope Vr Inc. - Rene Pinnell

Kaleidoscope Vr Financing

Kaleidoscope Vr Inc., Corporation just submitted form D announcing $120,007 equity and debt financing. This is a new filing. Kaleidoscope Vr was able to fundraise $120,007. That is 100.00% of the round of financing. The total private financing amount was $120,007. The private financing document was filed on 2016-10-11. The reason for the financing was: Amount shown is principal amount of Convertible Promissory Note and par value of 700,000 shares of common stock. The actual fair market value of the common stock is uncertain, and this amount is not an indication of fair market value..

Kaleidoscope Vr is based in California. The filler’s business is not disclosed. The form was signed by Rene Pinnell CEO. The company was incorporated in 2015. The filler’s address is: 57 Ashbury St #5, San Francisco, Ca, California, 94117. Rene Pinnell is the related person in the form and it has address: 57 Ashbury St. No. 5, San Francisco, Ca, California, 94117. Link to Kaleidoscope Vr Filing: 000168220216000003.

Analysis of Kaleidoscope Vr Offering

On average, companies in the not disclosed sector, sell 67.77% of the total offering amount. Kaleidoscope Vr sold 100.00% of the offering. Could this mean that the trust in Kaleidoscope Vr is high? The average offering amount for companies in all industries in our database is $3.05 million. The offering was 96.07% smaller than the average of $3.05 million. Of course this should not be seen as negative. Companies get financed for different needs and reasons. The minimum investment for this financing was set at $0. If you know more about the reasons for the fundraising, please comment below.

What is Form D? What It Is Used For

Form D disclosures could be used to track and understand better your competitors. The information in Form D is usually highly confidential for ventures and startups and they don’t like revealing it. This is because it reveals amount raised or planned to be raised as well as reasons for the financing. This could help competitors. Entrepreneurs usually want to keep their financing a ‘secret’ so they can stay in stealth mode for longer.

Why Fundraising Reporting Is Good For Kaleidoscope Vr Also

The Form D signed by Rene Pinnell might help Kaleidoscope Vr Inc.’s sector. First, it helps potential customers feel more safe to deal with a firm that is well financed. The odds are higher that it will stay in the business. Second, this could attract other investors such as venture-capital firms, funds and angels. Third, positive PR effects could even bring leasing firms and venture lenders.

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