The 2016 Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) Sets New Record

The Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) record for Hollywood went above the ceiling in 2015, with global receipts for all movies exceeding $3.5652b established in 2015. For the first time, the total US box-office returns reached $11bn. China’s cinema market accumulated a 49% increase of its total box office. Apparently, the 2016 scenario has gone way above that of 2015 having set a new pace. As of October 2016, the international box office was at $3.566 billion. Don’t forget the year still, has two and half months hence this is set to go up.

On July 6, Disney set a new industry record, an international threshold of $3 billion. This was followed by another $2 billion domestic and $5 billion global on July 16 and July 10 respectively. While at this and with the new record, much more is expected from the Oct. 25 roll out of Marvel’s Doctor Strange, which will soon be followed by Lucasfilm’s Rogue One on Nov. 23. A Star Wars Story debuts on Dec. 16.

What does the Disney record entail?

The Disney record is all about its international box office films from across the Studios’ brands. A majority of them represent the industry’s top four global alongside other top three international releases of the year. Marvel’s Captain America is currently taking the lead having earned $1.15B from which $745M is of the global platform. Disney Animation’s Zootopia, which happens to be the biggest animated film to have been released in China earned $1.023B, including $682.3M internationally.


The two were followed by Disney’s live-action The Jungle Book and Pixar’s Finding Dory, which earned $966M and $1.011B respectively on the global frontier. Each had a respective inclusion of $602.3M and $525.9M internationally.

Expect much more from Disney

Disney has much more in store other than just its incredible film records. It is planning for great new attractions at its theme parks. It has also commissioned five other Star Wars titles which will be linked to the theme parks alongside the film. Truthfully, the film industry is becoming competitive in the wake of every sunrise. Nonetheless, it is yet to be seen which other entity is likely to undo the Disney record. The company’s stock was trading at $90.83, a fall of $0.47 or 0.51%.

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