Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) On Instagram Is Dream Come True For A Majority Of Americans

It will no longer be a surprise to find Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) on Instagram, given that Disney parks have become important global icons. Many visitors are now sharing photos and videos on what has become such a popular social network. The sharing seems to feature some of the world’s most mentioned tourist attractions, hence giving the visitors insights of the locations they should visit next.

The Cinderella Castle is one of the many parks that have been featured in the Instagram record of 12,224,249 posts. A study from City Base Apartments outlines that it is the American amusement park that has the world’s most Instagrammed tourist attraction. Disney World Resort in Florida grabs the second position with 4,703,248 posts while Tokyo Disney Resort and Disneyland Paris are given 10th and 18th positions with 1,519,337 posts and 1,051,331 posts respectively.

Disney on Instagram: A dream comes true

While the social network has always offered a wide range of attractions and monuments, a majority of the Americans have had the dream of having Disney on Instagram. Apparently, this has attracted loads of visitors to the USA. Some of these locations include Florida’s Universal Studios, New York’s Times Square, the Grand Canyon, Golden Gate Bridge, the Empire State Building and Brooklyn Bridge among others.


Paris and London also have a share of dominance on Instagram, given that the French capital’s Eiffel Tower is also featured in a couple of posts. Paris monuments the likes of the Louvre, and Notre-Dame Cathedral have also been rated alongside London’s Big Ben, which is the highest-ranking British site. The Vatican takes the 20th position with its 942,907 posts.

Much more about Walt Disney World

While it has become almost a norm to have tourists lose thousands of dollars to invalid tickets, some of the big themes parks in Orlando are fighting back this bug. Everybody is entitled to an incredible deal according to Lt. Bob Stephens of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

To gain this, Walt Disney World has made the scanning of fingers of young children a must lest their tickets are reused. Children of ages 3 to 9 have not been scanned previously, but this now becomes a thing of the past. Universal and SeaWorld have also been using the biometric finger method to combat abuse of tickets.

Nonetheless, the new entry of Disney on Instagram is expected to give the industry a new look altogether. Meanwhile, the company’s last trading session closed at $93.85, witnessing a decline of $0.17 or 0.18%.

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