New, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Music Streaming Service May Be Called Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon has announced the intention to launch its very own Amazon music streaming service in order to contend with rivals such as Spotify and Apple music. Furthermore, this service will be the first that is exclusive to ‘echo’ speakers and will be released in a few weeks.

Amazon will be releasing the alternate streaming service, that is not exclusive to their Echo speakers in early 2017. However, as this service will be launched in direct competition with competitors, it will be a tad more expensive at $10 a month.

It was reported by The Verge that the Amazon music streaming services will be exclusive to the Echo speakers, and will be made available at $5 per month. Furthermore, due to the fact that, at first the music service will be tethered through the Echo speakers, the music playback will only be available through Alexa, which is Amazon’s voice activated, assistant.

The future name of Amazon Music Streaming service

It was reported by AFTVnews, that they expect the name of the upcoming music service to be Amazon music unlimited. AFTVnews stated that not only was the name discovered within the internal code of Fire TV, but they also uncovered a banner advert, as well as a logo for Amazon Music Unlimited.

There are further speculations, that this may be one of the rather rare applications, that are accessible by non-prime members. Furthermore, the code of the application revealed that there are other countries available, meaning that this application may be available globally.

Former music executive Jay Samit informed Reuters ‘A music service will increase the daily interaction between Amazon and its customer base.’

The challenges that the upcoming Amazon music streaming platform will face

The music streaming niche is already largely dominated by rival competitor services such as Spotify, Apple Music, as well as Google Play music. Therefore, despite Amazon’s large pool of resources, it is expected that at first, it may be difficult for the company to gain a significant market traction with their product.

However, the Amazon music streaming service platform is not the only competition that the company can expect to have to face; in addition to this Google has announced the intent to release, their own version of speakers, to compete against Amazons ‘Echo’ speakers:

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