New Patent Suggests Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) May Do Away With Home Button In iPhone 8

A new patent filing by Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) seems to lend credibility to speculations that the company could be working toward making the front of the next iPhone all display. In that way, Apple will integrate the fingerprint sensor into the iPhone screen. Making the front of iPhone all class would also see Apple eliminate the physical home button found in the current generation of iPhones.

Capacitive fingerprint sensor

Apple’s patent filing that appears to back rumors of a radical design in the next iPhone refers to capacitive fingerprint sensor that features electrostatic lens. That suggests that the next iPhone would read fingerprint using electrostatic lens, making it possible to unlock the phone different locations on the display.


Need for major upgrade

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Apple is contemplating a major shift in the display design of the next iPhone. The market is expecting Apple to give the next iPhone a significant upgrade to get customers interested in the product. Competitors have caught up with Apple in many areas of product design, thus eroding many of the company’s competitive advantages. As a result, Apple has recently begun to seen iPhone sales plummet.

If the next iPhone comes with significant design shift, such as full-screen display as rumored, there would be an incentive for existing iPhone owners to update their handsets and an opportunity for Apple to steal customers from rivals. Although Apple is struggling with shrinking iPhone sales, the company has been seeing growing defection from Android to iPhone.

Nothing is guarantee

Apple has only made a patent filing for electrostatic lens and there is no guarantee the technology will feature in the next iPhone. However, the technology could have a transformative impact on the iPhone if implemented. One of the potential benefits is that the iPhone featuring electrostatic lens technology could be more accurate at reading fingerprints.

It is rumored that the next iPhone will be called iPhone 8.

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