Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS), Embattled By Fairytale Controversy

In the latest Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) controversy that is challenging the company, an unknown teacher in England has recently uploaded online a lesson plan entitled “Racism/Sexism in Disney” for students aged 11 to 16 years old.

Walt Disney Controversy

The lesson plan primarily teaches students that Walt Disney fairy tales promote racism and sexism, particularly targeting the upcoming Walt Disney motion picture, “Beauty and the Beast”. It has already been downloaded for nearly 6,000 times and viewed for over 11,000 times.

The latest Walt Disney controversy insinuates that Belle, the princess in the old classic “Beauty and the Beast”, is in an unhealthy and abusive relationship with a cursed Beast. According to the lesson plan, the story basically suggests that a beautiful woman who loves a man with violent tendencies can transform him into becoming a loving gentleman.


For the teacher who uploaded the lesson plan, Walt Disney fairytales commonly portray women as nothing but merely homemakers and that they need men in order to have happy lives. In “Sleeping Beauty”, for example, Aurora only had a chance to live a happy life when a prince came to kiss and rescue him. In “Snow White”, Snow White had been portrayed as a domestic slave for all of her life and it is only when a rich royalty came into her life that she ended up happy and prosperous.

Walt Disney’s Answer

Walt Disney has found this issue too crucial not to comment on.

According to the entertainment giant, Walt Disney princesses and their respective stories have always been part of everyone’s childhood. For nearly 100 years, the moral lessons in their stories have always been relevant to children.

“They are loved by millions of children and adults across gender because it is their inner qualities such as determination, kindness, loyalty, humour, courage and wit that shine through and define them,” boasted a Walt Disney spokesperson.

In line with this and amid the Walt Disney controversy involving fairytales, the company trusts that teachers and academic institutions understand the best way to educate young children using the best resource materials.

Walt Disney has closed at $98.24 on Friday, down by 1.14%.

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