McGregor: “I’m the Boxing Guy” as Mayweather Fight Talks Intensify

Conor McGregor accompanied Michael Conlan on his first professional fight yesterday in Madison Square Garden. McGregor, the UFC powerhouse, became the focus of the night, with talks about his potential fight against Floyd Mayweather.

Mayweather remains undefeated in his career and is largely considered the best tactical boxer in the world.

McGregor states, “I’m the boxing guy, watch me take over boxing.” The UFC champ has called out Mayweather several times for a professional fight that looked far fetched at first, but is nearing a reality as UFC’s Dana White is entertaining the idea of a fight.

“The whole world is going to eat their words. I am boxing,” said McGregor.

Mayweather announced last week that he will come out of retirement to fight McGregor. Dana White discussed the fight on Conan, stating that he won’t block the fight after initially against the idea.

McGregor accompanied his friend Conlan to the ring and supported him throughout his fight. McGregor was heard screaming tactics to his friend as he won the match in Round 3. The UFC fighter threw a mini Irish flag into the win as Conlan closed the fight. “It’s about Conlan tonight,” said McGregor.

Conlan knocked out his opponent, Tim Ibarra, in the third round of the fight.

Mayweather told McGregor to “sign the paper” just two weeks ago before coming out a week ago and stating that he will only come out of retirement to fight the UFC champion. “I don’t want to hear no more excuses about the money,” he said.

The undefeated boxer is calling for a June fight against McGregor.

Contract talks between McGregor and Mayweather are complex, with McGregor asking for a $100 million payday. The fighter is under contract with the UFC, which will demand a cut of the proceeds.

Mayweather’s last professional fight was in late 2015 when he retired with a record of 49-0.