Atlanta’s 20-Year-Old Motor Speedway Repaving Delayed

Atlanta’s Motor Speedway, postponed their 20-year-old surface repaving. The project will be delayed at least until after next year’s NASCAR weekend, according to a report from the track.

Speedway President Ed Clark spoke with NASCAR officials and determined that the best time to repave the track is after next year’s NASCAR weekend. The aged track is known for being slick and causing challenging conditions for drivers.

Clark states that he consulted with NASCAR, race teams and tire officials to determine that the repaving be delayed. He states that the group wants to enjoy one last weekend of racing on the track before the new surface is put in place.

The track will continue along with their maintenance program to ensure the track doesn’t deteriorate further. Areas that need patch work will be patched.

Officials will reevaluate the need to replace the track after the 2018 NASCAR weekend before resuming their resurfacing plans. The official plan calls for the track to have asphalt poured over the current surface.

Drivers came out in favor of the track, stating that the slick surface makes it more exciting and challenging to drive on.

The track has hosted a total of 32 Cup races since it was last surfaced in 1997. Drivers routinely go against repaves, stating that they hate driving on the new surfaces. The track will still likely undergo a repaving after the big weekend due to a higher risk of asphalt decay and race delays in the future.

Clark states, “We’re going to repave, it’s just a matter of when we’re going to do it.”

The maintenance program will cut away some patches of the track and repave them to slow the decay of the track and help prevent foreseeable delays that might occur. Maintenance crews have examined the track and are most concerned of cracks opening and a gradual decay of the track.