Commissioner Bullish on Potential Jeter Ownership and Las Vegas MLB Team

Rob Manfred, Major League Baseball Commissioner, isn’t as optimistic as former all-star Derek Jeter in the legend’s potential ownership of the Marlins. The former Yankee player has discussed the idea of owning the Florida team and is reportedly in talks with Jeb Bush to join resources to buy the team.

“What I would say is some really good, high-quality groups interested in the Marlins,” Manfred said. “Certainly, the Bush-Jeter group would be among that group of appealing bidders.”

Las Vegas has been the focus point of future expansions, with the MLB discussing a potential to expand into the city. The NHL has expanded into the city, with the new team being called the Vegas Golden Knights.

The team will begin playing in the city in the 2017/2018 season.

Manfred says that it’s more likely that a team will relocate to Las Vegas than the league expanding into the city. The Oakland Raiders of the NFL are rumored to begin playing in Las Vegas by 2019 at the earliest.

The MLB may wait and see how the reception of the new teams go before talking more about expansion or relocation into the city.

Manfred also talked about the ability for computers being added to the game. The MLB has been discussing the potential of computers taking over the role of umpire. He told reporters today that the technology to offer automated umpires is still years away from becoming reality.

The Commissioner has stated that when the time comes that computers can take over for a real umpire, the league will need to determine if removing a human element from the game is best for all parties involved.

He reaffirms that this magnitude of change will take a lot of time to think about. He expects technology to become accurate and fast enough to be able to accurately call a strike.