Clayton Kershaw Says Not to Steal Baseballs from Kids

Baseball pitcher Clayton Kershaw, of the MLB’s Los Angeles Dodgers, spoke out Thursday about the growing trend of adults stealing stray baseballs from kids. The trend apparently began in Australia and is being seen in the United States too.


“Children represent the future of our sport and are the heart of our spirit,” Kershaw said. About 1,000 baseballs have been stolen from children around the country in recent months, according to a study by the American Society of Statistics.


Kershaw also say he has witnessed such acts about 10 times. He was visibly upset, according to sources close to him, and is reported to have had a meeting with members of the team’s management.


The pitcher is also reportedly beginning a crowdfunding campaign to fight the problem, in hopes of raising awareness and starting a movement to stop selfish adults from depriving kids of major league baseballs.