Masahiro Tanaka Under Fire After 5-4 Loss to Boston

New York Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka is under fire again, as the team lost to Boston 5-4. The highly-praised pitcher is being called “terrible” by ESPN, as Tanaka’s stats push him into the contention of the worst starters in major league baseball.

Tanaka gave up three home runs in five innings with a five-run game on Tuesday.

The pitcher has a 6.55 ERA and has lost seven out of the last 12 games. He has allowed 17 home runs this season, with 12 starts compared to 25 home runs during the 2015 season in 24 starts.

Tanaka’s translator expressed the player’s frustration, stating, “I made some good pitches, but the bad ones were bad.” The pitcher said that he’s pressing too hard, and that may have led to the loss on Tuesday.

The starter’s losing streak includes 35 hits, 42 base runners and a 10.72 ERA. He is slated to make his next start against the Orioles on Sunday if he isn’t taken out of the starting rotation.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi praised Tanaka for his last three years with the club, but stated “for him, it has been inconsistent stuff that has really killed him.” The manager also reaffirmed that Tanaka is not hurt. Tanaka was a candidate for the Cy Young award in 2016, with a 3.07 ERA in 31 starts and a 23-8 record.

Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy was in the middle of controversy during the game when he stated that Tanaka shouldn’t be allowed to use a translator when speaking to coaches. He further stated that Tanaka should learn “baseball language.”

“I forgot with Tanaka they take out a translator. I don’t think that should be legal,” said Remy.

Remy’s remarks are the least of the Yankees’ worries. The team’s best record in baseball, hit in early May, is quickly vanishing, with a two-game losing streak and a 5-5 record in the past 10 games.