Scooter Gennett Now 17th MLB Player to Hit 4 Home Runs in a Single Game

Cincinnati Reds player Scooter Gennett on Tuesday became the 17th player in Major League Baseball history to hit four home runs in a single game. He also became the first player to achieve this feat for the Reds.

Gennett went 5 for 5 in Tuesday’s game against the Cardinals and hit four home runs, including one grand slam. He also had 10 RBIs.

He was the first for any team in the league to have 10 RBI, four home runs and five  hits all in one game.

Gennett’s record-setting performance was surprising, to say the least, as the 27-year-old player was riding a 1-for-20 streak prior to Tuesday’s game. Some are calling it one of the greatest single-game performances in history.

“I never thought I’d hit four home runs in a game – ever,” said Gennett. “But I’m blessed.”

The last time the MLB saw a four-homer game was in 2012, with Josh Hamilton of the Rangers. Gennett and Mark Whiten of the Cardinals are the only players to hit a grand slam and four homers in a game. All of this after hitting a single in his first at-bat.

“Usually when I hit a home run, I consider myself lucky,” Gennett told Fox Sports. “But it’s hard to get lucky four times in a row.”

Bobby Lowe of the Beaneaters team was the first player to hit four homers in a single game in 1894. Other players in the exclusive four-homers club include Willie Mays, Lou Gehrig, Joe Adcock, Shawn Green and Carlos Delgado.

Gennett was drafted in 2009 by the Brewers and spent the first four seasons of his MLB career with the team. Some seasons, Gennett barely hit four homers, and he only reached double digits once. But the Brewers waived Gennett this year to bring in Jonathan Villar.