Laser Eyes and Basketball – LeBron James Stuns the Crowd

During the fourth quarter of the NBA finals game on Friday between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James pulled a stunner by firing his laser eye vision. The intense beams appeared suddenly and struck a 20 foot area mid-way up the stands. According to reports, no fans were injured in the incident.

Coaches and referees engaged in a heated argument with James, who fired back with a bunch of comments. The smoke condition where the lasers struck cleared up on its own.

James did not know what triggered his unknown power, he said in a statement after the game. The incident was not caught on television because it occurred during a commercial break.

No known incidents of a basketball player shooting lasers out of his eyes during a game, NBA archives suggest. The only similar case is an unsubstantiated report that Michael Jordan once laser eye beamed a martini in a bar to try to impress a girl.