Steph Curry Makes Slam Dunk with Mouthpiece

Steph Curry shocked the crowd Friday night as he threw a long distance shot and drove the ball in the basket by blowing his mouthpiece, which made contact with the ball from 30 feet away. The crowd was stunned in this third-quarter play during game 4 of the finals.

The laws of physics appear to have been defied, Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr suggested in an unrelated interview. After the basketball bounced on the rim twice and appeared to tip back toward the outside, the plastic projectile hit it at an oblique angle.

However, the play did not count as a score. Referees called an oral appliance fowl, and the ball then went to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Critics were extremely vocal, as it seems referees are coming up with any reason for a fowl these days. Having won the first three games of the NBA finals, the Warriors lost 116 to 137 as the Cavaliers stole their chances of sweeping the finals and winning the title.