MLB Ponders Eliminating Second Base from Baseball Fields

Sources close to MLB leadership revealed some top executives are looking to remove the second base plate from baseball fields as a cost-saving measure. The removal of it from all 30 stadiums operated by the MLB could save the league about $20,000 over the next 10 years.

Managers, executives, and team players queried on the matter say they are not sure whether this move will change the game at all. “We could just pretend the plate is there,” an anonymous baseball player said. “We’ve been doing this our whole lives.”

Removal of all the second base plates from the stadiums first needs to be approved by several private and public federal agencies. Several memoranda will need to be signed and reports suggest a Constitutional amendment may need to be issued.

According to insiders, changing an American pastime takes work, but with cooperation and trust, it can be done.