2048 Puzzle Game Released On iOS, Android

May 8, 2014 - By Jan Rainey

Italian programmer Gabriele Cirulli has officially released the mobile version of his hit game named 2048. Originally the game was available on Web and now it as a free app on iOS and Android operating systems.

Worldwide the game has been played by about 23 million people. It was earlier an open source that resulted with the cloning of it by several other developers.

The free version will be carrying advertisements and if it is irritating to players a minimal fee can be paid to remove the ads. The look and feel of 2048 mobile apps is similar to the original.

In a long blog post Cirulli explained the reason he felt to release his own game on the mobile platforms. He found the clones of 2048 appearing on the app stores and also getting top position on the charts.

One tech blog writes there are hundreds of different variants of 2048 type cloned game on the Android platform and also on the Web.

It is a puzzle game and the beauty of it is its simplicity. There are no complex controls and also no flashy interface. Only user needs to swipe number tiles to sum up two 2s or 4s or 8s etc. to get a total of 2048.

Cirulli was inspired by another game named Threes to make 2048. Sirvo is the creator of Threes.

Threes is paid with a price tag of $2. As 2048 was free it gained more popularity.

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