The Addictive 2048 Game Continues to Attract Fans

May 2, 2014 - By Jan Rainey

Considered one of the breakthrough games of recent video game mobile history, 2048 continues to entrap players in its addictive sliding puzzle of math.

Players use a simple gray plate to slide numbers around to attempt to get the number 2048 in sequence. Compared to several other games like Flappy Bird and earlier established games, that comparison hasn’t stopped the world wide phenomenon that then 19 year old, Gabriele Cirulli creator of the game created.

Now a worldwide phenom, 2048 doesn’t get more complex than its basic programming and strategy. The single player mobile game came out on March 9, 2014 and hasn’t stopped yet.

It’s simplicity is what is astonishing. No flashing lights or spaceships or wild special effects, just a plain and simple approach to playing with numbers and math that challenges one’s memory, predictions, and basic strategy skills.

The 4 by 4 grid has the player moving the sliding numbers of similar value together thus increasing the value. When this is accomplished a new number in a tile will present itself on the gray slider board.

No cost to play this web-based mobile game and of course developers are modifying it to appeal to them even more. One might find versions of this game with any number of themes and skins and additions from pop culture. Anything that can be added to spice up the game is being added to spice up the game.

That being said, fans and aficionados of 2048 should expect even more fun to be had. The game’s creator may well have more surprises in store so keeping a weather eye out for more modifications and updates is in order.

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