Amazon Kindle Fire HDX vs. Google Nexus 7 Features, Specs Review, Price and Comparison

April 28, 2014 - By Jan Rainey

Now that the new Kindle Fire HDX is out, comparisons to its competitor, the Google Nexus 7 are bound to happen. Looking at both devices brings one to the conclusion that both possess things worth looking into.

The Google Nexus 7 that came out in 2013 led the pack but now with Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX on the market, Google is going to have a run for its money.

The Amazon Fire Kindle HDX is a bit smaller than the competition but also has the same sized 7 inch screen, a 16:10 aspect ratio and utilizes IPS LCD for that clear and bright presentation unlike the nexus 7 that uses LED backlit IPS LCD. Not as bright as the Nexus 7 but still a marvelous unit to say the least. With its overall 8.9” size it makes for not too big and not too small handling and the grips and surface give a more secure feeling to avoid dropping the device.

Surprisingly a reasonably priced device around $300 to $330, there’s enough breathing room for extras to be purchased if need be. This third generation of the Kindle tablets also has specs such as 2,560 x 1,600 resolution, a 7 megapixel rare facing camera that includes a LED flash light for those dark spaces that need illumination while taking a picture or video. Maybe even to find objects such as dropped car keys.

That’s about the roundup of the Amazon Kindle HDX and it has more specs than can be listed here but sure to be a hit none the less.

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