Ascend: Hand of Kul Releasing for PC on Steam

May 18, 2014 - By Jan Rainey

The Ascend: Hand of Kul has been on an exclusive status as a Xbox 360 RPG game, but that is all set to change this Tuesday with the Hand of Kul becoming available on Steam for PC platform.

Ascend: hand of Kul has received a lot of praise since the game’s release back in 2013. The game was well thought-out and well-constructed. Also the game has a special status in the gaming community as a free-to-play title for members with valid memberships on the Xbox Live Arcade.

The success of the game in the market has now led Steam to distribute the RPG as a completely free to play title, for those who are itching to play the game on their PCs instead of another console. The developers, Signal Studios have already taken the steps necessary, and the game will be made available for the PC platform on the 20th of May, Tuesday via the Steam.

The Signal Studios have had an array of releases like the Toy Soldiers, Toy Soldier: Cold War. The move of the RPG from the Xbox Live Arcade on to the PC platform is an unexpected one, but also necessary, as most RPG games have reached their peaks in the competitive market. The developers, Signal Studios seem t be confident that their games will be performing well on the open market.

The Ascend: Hand of Kul already has a support base of more than 2.5 million on the Xbox platform, and its release will certainly increase the fan-base. The Hand of Kul has some interesting game-play techniques; players can pledge their loyalty to one of the three factions in the game, affect each other’s worlds and even elect to sacrifice their characters in a bid to garner greater power. With all this the Ascend: Hand of Kul will be an interesting game to play, no doubt.

The release on the PC platform via Steam will also give the developers a chance to roll out the updates for the game more quickly.

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