Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Aquaman Poster Unveiled, Hans Zimmer Tapped to Compose Score!

February 27, 2015 - By Jan Rainey

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be the first of DC Comic’s new initiative to compete with Marvel Studios Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie is technically supposed to be a sequel to the 2013 Superman movie, Man of Steel. We don’t know how the tone of the movie will be, but if it takes after Man of Steel, then it should be a little more serious than what we have come to expect from Marvel Studios.

It’s been announced that Hans Zimmer will work on the themes for both Wonder Woman and Aquaman for the new movie. The two characters will reportedly have minor roles in the upcoming film, which will release in March of next year. Zimmer says that the score hasn’t actually been written just yet, but he says he has a couple of ideas so far. Zimmer also says that he has no idea what other movies he will be working on in the upcoming DC Comics universe, adding that the studio will hedge their bets if he messes this one up.

Zimmer also said that he is working hard to make sure that the score sounds completely different for the work he did on Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. In fact, he added that he handed off the score to his friend Junkie XL (who did the score for the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road). This news comes a few days after the first picture for Aquaman was unveiled.

DC Comics is using Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, to introduce Aquaman to their fans. He will reportedly have a minor role in the movie, along with Wonder Woman and Cyborg. They are doing a bigger picture first, because Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Aquaman will all have their own movies coming out in the next few years.

Wonder Woman will release in 2017, Aquaman in 2018, and Cyborg in 2020. Batman will allegedly recruit Aquaman to the Justice League at the end of the movie. At an earlier point in the movie, Aquaman will also be seen in a scene with Lex Luthor, who is going over the known metahumans in the universe. He will only reportedly have two scenes in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. If the movie is successful, then it will set the pace for the rest of the movies in DC Comic’s shared universe.

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