Battlefield 5: EA Sets 2014 As Release Date

March 4, 2014 - By Jan Rainey

The craze may all be for the upcoming game from Call of Duty franchise later this year, but if reports are to be believed the Battlefield 5 too may hit the stores before the year-end.

According to sources, the Electronic Arts (EA) has set the release date for Battlefield 5 in 2014 and the game is codenamed as Havana.

The sources further add that Battlefield 5 may have a police theme and not the military fare that has been seen so far in the earlier editions and also expected from the upcoming ones.

A report published in one of the gaming websites say the next Battlefield from the stable of EA will have a boast in number of players per map that may be up to 100 for the PC version. Also, the map size will be increased to double compared to the biggest map in Battlefield 4. New weapons and new vehicles will be increased as well.

Things may not go in favorable condition always and so a bad news accompanied with Battlefield 5 says there will be some graphical downgrades on the Xbox One and PS4 versions to accommodate it to run at an acceptable frame rate and resolution. The PC version is not reported to have any such downgrade, but a beastly PC is required to play it at high settings with acceptable frame rates.

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