Diablo 3 on PS4: Lots of Loot but Lots of Wait

April 26, 2014 - By Jan Rainey

Perhaps there should be a video game called “Waiting For Diablo 3 On PS4” where gamers chomping at the bit for this Gothic monster story wander around a bleak landscape fighting against other gamers who already have it on their game platforms.

All joking aside, the release of Diablo 3 on PS4 is one of the most anticipated releases in a long time. This third installment of the series is already out on PC and other platforms and the PS4 version promises goodies the other platforms don’t. That just makes it more tantalizing as fans who like their video game action dark and morbid can’t wait to see what Blizzard, the parent company of the game, has in store for them.

Those familiar with game play know that there is plenty of loot to be had. So much so that it can be in excess but now you can gift other players with items you don’t need and they do. You’ll now be able to see the looted items in the tagged player’s stash. No more hunting around for stuff. In addition there’s an Apprentice Mode that allows an ally to join the action and do so with boosted stats and abilities so they’re just not lurking around like a leech.

Did we mention the new Nemesis system whereby if defeated by a monster it will gain power and then be back for more challenge?

Overall, the Diablo 3 PS4 game is going to be a fan favorite and well deserving as the developers knew just what the public wanted and more. Generally the same game as on PS3, this version has just the right goodies to warrant the waiting.

Fans will have to sit back and wait as the release date still hasn’t been announced.

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