Flappy Bird Loaded Mobile Devices Listed on eBay Very Expensive

May 3, 2014 - By Jan Rainey

Even though Flappy Bird has managed to gain much of praises in a very short span of time, it has also earned good number of criticisms too from gamers and critics as it is not an easy game and contains bad graphics too that is not suitable for mobile devices.

Created by Vietnam-based developer Dong-Nguyen, Flappy Bird was pulled down on February 10 this year from the Google Play Store and App Store too.

Nguyen has put the blame of discontinuation on the addictiveness aspect of the game as it was suppose to be played when one relaxes and also for a few minutes and not an hour just to score five points

However, the developer has lately announced the game will come back again but not very soon.

Meanwhile, to quench the thirst of addicted gamers some of the smart sellers on eBay are trying to lure by listing mobile devices on sale loaded with Flappy Bird. Also, the devices are priced tagged very expensive – $1,499. Surprisingly the bid on the platform has also reached up to $90,000.

Those who love challenges had liked the game and given positive reviews. Some said it is very satisfying game and also it is so easy that there is no need to study the game before making a move. Probably such gamers may opt to buy the game expensive from online platforms.

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