Game of Thrones Going Too Fast for Winds of Winter Author

June 13, 2014 - By Jan Rainey

HBO TV show Game of Thrones is moving too fast for its creator George R. R. Martin to keep up, he recently told the press. The Winds of Winter author said the series is swiftly catching up with the books, which would ultimately mean disaster from a creative standpoint.

Martin hit headlines last week when his editor confirmed that there was still no release date for his latest book “Winds of Winter”. So far only 168 pages have been submitted and that was back in February last year.

Martin told the New York Times that ideally each season of the show would have more episodes, so the story would take longer to pan out. He said this is a win win for the audience because they’d be able to see scenes that had been cut, making the whole story much deeper and more entertaining.

However HBO have shot down this idea because they don’t have the finances to commission any extra episodes. Technically speaking Martin agreed to the current number of episodes when he signed the contract.

The season finale of Game of Thrones’ fourth season aired last night (Sunday June, 15th).

There is currently no word on when Winds of Winter (the 6th instalment) will be published, but Martin has now agreed to end the series of books with seven instead of eight instalments.

He told the Times to get back to him when he’s on the final instalment before asking him when the whole series would be complete.

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