Gamers Eagerly Await Fallout 4 Announcement

May 18, 2014 - By Jan Rainey

Video game publisher Bethesda Studios may have learned a valuable technique in hyping their upcoming releases. Don’t say anything at all!

So far the much anticipated Fallout 4 game is not even official, but with so many rumors generated over the last year, gamers are salivating for an announcement at E3 in June.

First voice actor Erik Dellums suggested he would be reprising his role as Three Dog, an anchor for the game’s news network – but later clarified that this was not for Fallout.

Then a series of coded messages and a timer appeared online counting down to an announcement about the 4th instalment, only for Bethesda to imply it was a hoax.

In December 2013, popular video game blog Kotaku claimed to have leaked documents revealing that the title was indeed in development and would be set in the US state of Boston. But yet again Bethesda kept tight-lipped, which in turn just fuelled the fire.

Ultimately the question isn’t will Fallout 4 happen – the license wouldn’t have been acquired if they were just going to shelve the franchise. The real question is when will the announcement be made and when will the game be released?

Further confusing the matter an image was circulated yesterday purporting to show a Bethesda memo, instructing staff NOT to mention Fallout at E3.

All we can really do is wait for the official details, and it looks like the anticipation will be milked until the very last second.

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