The Good Wife Season 6 has Alicia Finding Love with Her Campaign Manager!

March 11, 2015 - By Jan Rainey

The Good Wife season 6 has been a pretty intense season so far. In the last episode, the season picked up a bit. Alicia’s campaign fundraising has been going pretty well. Alicia and Prady are talking to each other behind closed doors to get each other to stop releasing scummy ads about one another. Alicia meets with a rich man to get his money.

Bishop has to call another kids mom because his kid was getting bullied at school. That was about all that was interesting that happened in The Good Wife season 6 episode 13. But, episode 15 of the show looks to be extremely interesting, especially compared to the rest of the show that we have experienced so far. Alicia will still be running for the State Attorney seat, but her love life will take the focus in this episode.

In the trailer for the new episode, Alicia can be seeing making out with Jonathan Elfman. Frank Prady will go after the Governor as a campaign tactic. Alicia will have to make the decision to see if she wants to attack Peter’s record as well. Diane and her husband will have a rift between them as Florrick, Argos, and Lockhart take on a case of a man who was paralyzed by a 3D-printed gun. Kurt McVeigh will be called on to testify during the case.

There was a lot of speculation about who Alicia’s romantic interest would be. Since the death of Will Gardner, there has been a lot of speculation. About The Good Wife in general, producers have said that they are not planning on having a spin-off of the show. Typically when a show gets to its fifth or sixth season and still looks to be going strong, networks talk about creating spin-offs of the show. This happens with many popular series because viewers want more of (or at least something similar to) their favorite show, which a spin-off will easily satisfy.

The producers have said that have had some fun dreaming up spin-offs for frequent guest stars on the show, but in general, have been working hard on The Good Wife season 6. They also added that they didn’t think The Good Wife had a broad enough appeal to deserve a spin-off. The Good Wife season 6, episode 15 entitled, “Open Source”, will air in a few days.

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