Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 has Natural Disaster Episode Coming!

March 10, 2015 - By Jan Rainey

Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 is well under way, and the upcoming episode of the show looks to be especially interesting. The synopsis for episode 15 has been released, and it looks like there will be an earthquake in Seattle this time around. We know that Maggie will be trapped in an elevator after the earthquake hits the hospital, but we don’t know if it will be with a patient or not.

The incident won’t be the first time someone has gotten trapped in an elevator on Grey’s Anatomy. On an earlier season of the series, Alex and George get trapped in an elevator with someone who needs heart surgery. Dr. Burke gives them some help through the elevator doors which allows them to successfully complete the surgery. The trailer for the episode shows an 11-year-old boy who calls the hospital for help.

His mother can’t move and Owen has to give advice to the boy over the phone. He tells the boy to get a knife, and then the situation fast forwards and he is yelling at the boy to push hard. It seems like a very intense episode, and one of the biggest disasters to ever hit the hospital on the show. Ben will also open up to Jackson at some point during the episode, but it’s not the main focal point of the episode. Episode 14 focused on Dr. Herman’s surgery. She went into surgery at the end of episode 13. Many people want to watch the surgery from the viewing room, because it will be a difficult one. Arizona has a difficult surgery on her own, having to operate on a fetus that’s still inside of her mother’s womb.

Arizona manages to save both the baby and the mother. Amelia has her doubts about performing the brain surgery on Dr. Herman. She planned it all out, but doesn’t know if she can go through with it. Dr. Webber gives Amelia some words of wisdom, and she gains the confidence to go through with the surgery. The tumor is removed by the end of the episode.

Dr. Herman is alive, but she is 100% blind. Episode 15 of the show looks to be especially interesting, because the doctors aren’t in total control of the situation. Anytime they can only give indirect orders, it always makes for a challenging episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

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