GTA V Online Update Keeps Players in Suspense

May 2, 2014 - By Jan Rainey

Rock Star Games’ popular video game Grand Theft Auto V that has been out for some time has die hard players chomping at the bit regarding a new update that promises much except exactly when the update will appear.

When exactly during the month of May this update will happen is still up in the air and speculation is flurrying about like snowflakes in a blizzard. Just about every day some fan or some prankster publishes a post or message that the update is available and fans scramble around to get it to no avail. The update promises such goodies as extra money, sometimes double or triple during missions. The challenges such as Gang Attacks, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Last Team Standing and more look like they’ll be ramped up to levels that fans had hoped for. Keeping those standards and making them more challenging is all any GTA V fan can hope for.

The update entitled “Highlife” 1.13 and also touts double RP. As mentioned there are many promised goodies such as the Bullpup Rifle. That all being said, fans are going to have to keep a vigilant eye from the official Rock Star Games GTA V Highlife video game update.

In 2013 the original GTA V appeared and fans of the series took to it quickly. The open world gangster epic is an across platform game and is also played online. The online version differs from the console version allowing updates and multi-player live interaction. The latest update, “Highlife” expands on existing gameplay and items introducing new challenges and strategies. In addition new objects to collect, weapons to use, fast high end cars, thus the ‘auto’ in Grand Theft Auto. The online gaming allows for players to battle along side of or against one another and teams to see who can outwit and out perform one another.

Considering that this game broke sales records that stand to this day, it’s a good bet this GTA V Highlife update is going to break more records.

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