GTA V Release Rumors Abound at E3 2014, Versions for PC, Xbox One, PS4 Coming to Market?

May 13, 2014 - By Jan Rainey

While the E3 conference is still weeks away, internal rumors within the industry are that there will be an announcement regarding the release of GTA V in 2014, along with details regarding its play formats and new features. Grand Theft Auto news is being especially watched, it being one of the most famous video game brands in the industry.

Speculation has spread following claims apparently made by Todd Gilbert, a Rockstar games representative, that new versions of GTA V would be announced at E3. Other reporters have urged caution about the tweet, and about associating Gilbert with Rockstar as an official source.

One sign that is more definite is the news that Take Two Interactive Software Inc. (the distributor for Grand Theft Auto V) will be present at E3. This has led the Guardian newspaper, among others, to predict some announcement will be made about a release at the conference.

Besides predictions about the release, game reviewers predict changes are coming in the way GTA V operates. Gone will be the option to play with temporary characters, or the ability to play the game in multiplayer mode without using the cloud server provided by Rockstar.

In addition to the mystery about the announcements about a release date for the PC in 2014, there is the question of whether the game will come first to Xbox One or PlayStation 4. Several experts say the conversion from Xbox 360 to Xbox One is prohibitively difficult to resolve in time for a 2014 release.

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