Halo 5 Release Date: E3 Presentation Fuels Speculation

May 11, 2014 - By Jan Rainey

An awkward communication in the form of an observed Halo logo led to heavy speculation regarding the release of the new edition of the leading first-person shooter (FPS) game Halo 5. Viewers of advanced advertising the E3 2014 tech conference noticed what appeared to be display media for a new version of the game included in an E3 video package for upcoming products by the game industry.

The Halo 5 FPS, however expected by consumers, may be delayed due to 343 industries (manufacturers of the product) failing to confirm the release date. Representatives advised Halo 5 imagery was either a misprint or a “placeholder” for future announcements. New announcements on upcoming major industry game franchises are expected at E3 when it is held June 10-12.

The ambiguity regarding the eventual announcement of an Halo 5 release date, if any, may have obscured some other developments from public notice, such as its release being associated with the Xbox One platform. The backward admission concerning Halo 5 came as a result of an animation promoting Xbox One products planned for release across 2014 and 2015 by Axis.

Some observers speculate the lack of an official confirmation is deliberate, or that the “placeholder” function was specifically meant to keep the Halo game brand in play during the year until Microsoft was ready to more officially address its release. Talks are in motion for a TV series based on the game to be developed, and produced by Steven Spielberg, with future game releases timed to coincide with the program’s premiere.

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