Iranian Football Clubs Should Seek Improved Sponsorship Deals

April 9, 2014 - By Jan Rainey

Although a number of football clubs are currently operated by private-sector companies in Iran, many of them are not monetized properly. For this reason, the number of companies willing to invest in this field is decreasing on daily basis.

Iranian economist Hossein Ashitiani believes that football administrators and managers in the country lack the necessary negotiation skills in order to close profitable sponsorship deals. “As a matter of fact, football clubs in Iran are extremely exploited by sponsors. Over the past few years, Iranian managers and football administrators have failed to sign improved sponsorship deals to secure clubs’ interests.”

Speaking to the Air Herald, Hossein Ashitiani says football can play an important role in the Iranian economy in future. “I believe that football can help the country’s economy in the long-run. In fact, football is the most popular sport in Iran and local people can be marketed through this way,”

“Compared to European and South American countries, football clubs in Iran are not making large amounts of money through sponsorship deals. To improve the conditions, the Iranian government can also encourage private-sector firms to invest in this field. Tax exemption for companies advertising with football clubs can be a great tool to increase investments in this sport,” Hossein Ashitiani added.

The Iranian national football team has already qualified for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, but local companies have yet to start focusing on this important event. “Unfortunately local companies don’t have good understanding of football and its marketing values. Airliners and mobile operators can easily increase their market shares in the country by signing sponsorship deals with local football clubs.” Ashitiani concluded.

It is interesting to know that mobile operators such as Ettisalat of the United Arab Emirates and STC of Saudi Arabia have managed to increase their market shares by promoting their services through local football clubs.

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