Jurassic Park 4 (Jurassic World) Indominus Rex Is Female? Hasbro Toy Reveals More Features, June Release Date!

February 28, 2015 - By Jan Rainey

One interesting piece of information coming out of the weekend’s NYC Toy Fair is that the Indominus Rex figure, from the upcoming Jurassic World movie, is female.

This is the first time the sex of the genetically modified dinosaur has been discussed.

As previously reported the new Hasbro figures give us the best insight to date about what the dinosaurs in the Colin Trevorrow film will look like, especially the I-Rex, which was kept relatively hidden in the first trailer.

We now know that it will have a minty green / grey complexion, with horns on the top of its head, and much longer arms than a regular t-rex.

The filmmakers have already revealed that the beast is smarter, stronger, faster and much more agile than the t-rex, and now with arms that can potentially swoop down and grab its prey, we can see why.

The sex of the dinosaur is not a massive revelation as the first film’s dinosaurs were also all female. Let’s just hope she doesn’t have any offspring. Would that even be possible? Where are the scientists when you need them?

Of course just because a toy inspired by the film has been leaked doesn’t necessarily mean that the creature on the silver screen will look exactly the same. There are numerous instances where toys have leaked or go on sale before movies that have a slightly different appearance. This is often because they are developed from earlier concepts rather than the finished product.

The Hasbro Indominus Rex figure will set you back $35, but it’s a pretty big toy and has the ability to roar, open and close it’s giant mouth, and it’s back changes color via LED lights as camouflage.

This potentially reveals another feature that we may see in the film, the dinosaur’s ability to blend in with its environment in order to pounce at its prey.

Jurassic World is set for a June 12th, 2015, release date in theatres, and tells the story of a Jurassic Theme Park whose genetically modified dinosaur publicity stunt goes horribly wrong, when the creature escapes!

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