Katy Perry Starts European Leg of World Tour, Talks about Super Bowl Halftime Show!

March 1, 2015 - By Jan Rainey

Katy Perry recently took to the Hallenstadiun in Zurich, Switzerland. She was wearing a day-glow two-piece with silver ankle boots. The tour took a small break at the end of the year so Katy Perry could get ready for her Super Bowl halftime show as well as have a bit of a break. Perry will also make stops in Munich, Antwerp and Cologne.

Her halftime show performance was recently declared the most-watched and highest-rated halftime show in entertainment history. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift has recently said that she won’t talk about her and Katy Perry’s alleged feud. She never wants to talk about Perry in her interview, she said. After Perry played at the Krakow Arena in Poland, she toured the Auschwitz-Birkenau and shared a few photos of it on Instagram.

She said that her heart was heavy and to let the place be remembered as a warning to humanity. Perry is on the European leg of her tour currently. Other than her tour, Perry has been in the news for recently signing a deal with Glu Mobile. They want the rights to her character, personality, and likeness to be used in mobile games dealing with the music industry. It sounds like Katy Perry is getting into the mobile game business. More and more celebrities are developing their own games after seeing the type of success that Kim Kardashian has had with her game. One of the biggest hits of the Super Bowl wasn’t Katy Perry, but the shark costume that was featured in her halftime show.

Many people thought that the shark costumes in her halftime show were adorable, and some even wondered where you could get one. Now, it seems like you can get one through Amazon.com. A company has made a near replica of the costume. It’s also been revealed that Katy Perry was praying just moments before her halftime show.

Perry is a devout Christian, and was somewhat worried about her halftime show going off without a hitch. Getting to perform at the Super Bowl is one of the aspirations of many musical artists. It’s typically a big moment in their careers, and this was true for Perry herself. She said when praying to God, he told her that she will do fine, and she realized what God was saying was confirming that she could do this.

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