Michael Schumacher Family Sells Vacation Home!

March 1, 2015 - By Jan Rainey

The latest news about Michael Schumacher is that they have sold one of his holiday homes for around 2 million pounds. The home is located in the providence of Trysil and was a wooden house that was built in the 1990s to the Schumacher’s specifications. It has a gym, sauna, and whirlpool as well as a fully-stocked kitchen. The garage can store up to seven cars and is on 645 square meters of land. The real estate agent who sold the house, Petter Birkrem, said that he can’t say who bought the house, but also added that they began showing the property during the winter holiday.

He said that there were only four prospective buyers, and the buyers who bought the house said that they immediately enjoyed the interior. One interesting fact is that there aren’t any photos of the interior of the house. Michael Schumacher wanted to be undisturbed by the media there, and people who were showed the house were asked to not take photographs of it.

The entire medical bill of Michael Schumacher’s recovery has been unknown so far. But, it’s been estimated at around 10 million pounds (around $15 million) so far. He has been in and out of the hospital since his accident which has happened over a year ago now. His recovery has been described as painfully slow, but he is still recovering. The main issue was the amount of brain damage that he suffered. He had to be put into a medical coma for a few months just hours after his accident while skiing.

Most people would have died from the amount of brain trauma that he suffered, and it’s unclear how much longer it will take him to recover. There haven’t been any pictures of Michael Schumacher since the accident. His family has opted for a total media blackout, although someone dressed as a priest was able to sneak some medical records out of a hospital.

Now, Michael Schumacher has been recovering at his home where he has a full medical staff attending to him. It’s been reported that he can recognize members of his own family and cries when he sees them. The medical staff is attending to his rehabilitation and make sure he gets enough exercise every day.

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