Michael Schumacher’s Medical Costs Rises To Over £10 Million: Progress Is Slow!

February 23, 2015 - By Jan Rainey

Michael Schumacher’s vast savings are taking a considerable hit as he recovers from a tragic skiing accident that has left him unable to talk or get around by himself. The Formula One legend has reportedly spent over £10 million to receive care from his home in Switzerland after awaking from a medically induced coma last year.

Doctors treating the multi-time Champion still do not know whether he will ever be able to make a full recovery, but nobody is giving up hope yet.

The 46 year old’s family have barred the press from gaining intimate details of his daily situation, but it has already been leaked that his only form of communication with his family comes from his eyes, and he does not always recognize them.

When out of bed he relies on his dedicated wife Corinna to get him around in a wheelchair, at their mansion on the shores of Lake Geneva.

An insider talking to the UK express said that while there has definitely been progress it is an extremely slow and expensive process. They suggested there is no miracle happy ending, and everyone involved needs to fight every step of the way.

The former Ferrari front man has 24/7 care from a team of 15 medical professionals, with his wife by his side at all times. The team is overseen by Professor Jean-Francois Payen who performed the initial operations following the accident in December 2013.

Although Payen cannot be with Schumacher on a daily basis, he keeps in contact via phone and the internet.

Payen says that he tries to keep everybody involved grounded in the reality that Schumacher might not regain full cognitive function or the ability to walk. He says it’s important not to set expectations too high for the family, but there is definitely still hope.

Schumacher has two teenage children, Mick who is 15 years old, and Gina-Maria, who is 17.

Payen praises wife Corinna for her courage and willpower, and that fact that her judgement is never clouded.

The 7 time Championship winner had to be induced in to a coma after falling head first in to some rocks when he veered off a skiing track in the French Alps.

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