Minecraft PS4 and Xbox One World Has Massive Draw Distance, June Release Date

May 19, 2014 - By Jan Rainey

Minecraft PS4 and Xbox One World, the title of the upcoming release on the next generation consoles, will feature a draw distance that is 36 times that of the PS3 and Xbox 360, it has been revealed.

The PC however still offers the greatest potential with “infinite” maps, dependent on the player’s hardware.

Scottish developer 4J Studios are releasing screenshots of the game’s new console capabilities on Twitter. The title is expected to be released on June 28th on Xbox One and a little later on the PS4. It will mark the first time the game has a had a full boxed release in stores.

While most hardcore fans will of course just get the download, there are always pedestrians that will take a fancy when browsing the shelves.

At last year’s E3 event 4J announced new multiplayer features, and the ability to swap saves between the PS3 and PS4 edition once the latter goes on sale.

This is particularly handy for those progressing on the PS3 who want to upgrade once the new title is out, as all creations and maps will be available. Basic touchpad compatibility is also expected.

In other Minecraft news 4J have also been releasing screenshots of the upcoming Halo Mash-Up Pack, which combines icons of the popular shooter within the box-like world of Minecraft. This will feature musical tracks from Halo and 40 character skins, including the much anticipated 343 Guilty Spark.

Also featured is a pre-made world that includes classic Halo maps, like Sandtrap, Blood Gulch and Valhalla.

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