NCIS Season 12 Brings Up Gibbs’ Undercover Past

February 23, 2015 - By Jan Rainey

NCIS Season 12 episode 16 just aired, and it has to do with a secret identity that was created for one of Gibbs’ undercover operations he ran around 20 years ago. The last episode of NCIS saw the team take down one of Gibbs’arch nemesis. This episode opened up with the team investigating a murder for someone they flagged 20 years ago. When someone is flagged by the NCIS, if they are murdered or killed, then they have to be notified.

This case was interesting because the man who died was Leeland Spears… sort of. Leeland Spears was the name for one of Gibbs’ secret identities 20 years ago, which was odd, because Gibbs himself was still alive. The team suspects that he stole Gibbs fake identity, and was murdered, but wanted to know why. They show up at his place, and then find another place that he also stayed at. The second location had a bomb inside and blew up.

But, Bishop and DiNozzo (who were at the location) weren’t injured when it blew up. Gibbs’ undercover identity was as an I.T. Specialist, which led to Gibbs using the identity again to figure out what the man was doing with his identity. The man was using his identity to look for a type of metal that could be used as a weapon. Serbs wanted to use the metal for a weapon back then, and they still wanted to do the same thing now.

It turns out that the man who was using Spears’ identity was working for the Serbian government, which meant he was a spy. However, they also found another spy who was working on the same case years ago in the morgue. However, the second spy they found wasn’t a Serbian. The NCIS team went to Stark, who was the CIA associate in charge with creating the identities for the agency years ago. She told Gibbs that she started working with the Serbians helping them steal data after she was forced into retirement. She said that she thought no one would get hurt.

She also said there was no real reason for them to be murdered. After she told the team where the agents handler was, the team when to go pick him up. He thought he had diplomatic immunity and confessed to the entire situation, but the Serbian government denied they knew him.

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