Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7: I Wish NeNe Leakes Would Quit Says Kenya!

February 22, 2015 - By Jan Rainey

The drama never ends on the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7. She may be the last remaining star of the first season, but NeNe Leakes’s position on the show is not beyond reproach. Kenya Moore who joined the reality series in season 5 is currently embroiled in a nasty feud with NeNe, and will tell anyone that listens, that she wants her gone from the show for good!

Speaking with In Touch magazine the 44 year old actress and model said once season 7 has finished airing, producers should not bring NeNe back for season 8.

Moore says she hopes NeNe just quits of her own accord. She explains that she doesn’t think she is even putting the effort in anymore and is off doing other projects anyway.

She may have a bit of a point, after all NeNe does do a lot of outside appearances, many that have nothing to do with the Real Housewives. These include getting her fashion line off the ground, starring in movies, and appearing on other TV shows. Nobody doing that much stuff is going to be able to focus solely on one project, but it’s not like the show has suffered in any measurable way. At least from a viewer’s standpoint. After all it’s the drama and tension between cast members that we all love.

However a lot of that tension is spilling over behind the scenes according Moore. She says NeNe creates a negative atmosphere off camera, and that she and her friends gang up on her. She says NeNe is trying to get everyone to hate her and it’s unfair.

Despite these feelings, NeNe herself has expressed the desire to leave the show in the past.

In past interviews she revealed that she’d like to try a different spin-off of the series instead of staying on the main Atlanta based show. She also expressed displeasure wit the general atmosphere, saying it was very negative and producers were too keen to get everyone to fight with each other.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 still has several more episodes to air this year, so we won’t know NeNe’s fate for a little while longer yet.

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