Season 6 Premiere of Duck Dynasty Starts with a Surprise Guest

June 14, 2014 - By Jan Rainey

The new season of Duck Dynasty returned on 11th June with a surprise guest. It has been a controversial show with a drop in ratings and so they will be working hard to get their fans back on side. It certainly has Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal on side as he appeared in the show, which could perhaps be part of his election campaign.

In the episode he gave the Robertson family an award for their Duck Commander Business which grew from being founded in 1972 to a multi million dollar company. The award was the first ever Governor’s Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence. It has been stressed that there will be no political bias in any of the programs in the series.

The program started with everyone getting ready for the visit, cleaning things up and getting dressed up, although things do not go to plan when the workers cannot see the point in cleaning up a warehouse and Phil is not interested in helping Miss Kay choose an outfit. John Luke prepares a speech which his father Willie is concerned about but apart from a bad joke, it goes well and the award is presented successfully at the end of the show but not until Gov. Jindal has played some basketball and even manages to score!

It was back in the fourth season, which was seeing rating of 9 million viewers and there best so far that there was some controversy when the founder of the company, Phil Robertson allegedly said negative things about gays and African Americans which could him to be suspended from the series until the fifth season. However, this reduced the ratings and so it is hoped that things can pick up in this new series.

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