Sony Xperia Z1 Compact: Feature Review

May 16, 2014 - By Jan Rainey

Sony has developed a series of smart phones for Google designed to end the domination of the hardware marketplace by Samsung or HTC. The most recent edition, the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact, is its effort (within its Nexus 5 brand) to expand on the existing success from the Sony Xperia Z1 series.

The form factor design of the phone is state-of-the-art in its look and feel, incorporating dust and water resistant specs, and a thin bezel to improve its durability. Some of the economy in use of materials comes with trade-offs – the 4.3 inch display can only handle 720 pixels resolution, not a full HD display, and the phone carries a little bit more bulk and weight than rival forms featuring the same size screen.

The Sony Xperia Z1 Compact makes up for this with excellent (detail rich) camera functionality and generous memory capacity (16 GB or 32 GB). The two GB of RAM in each model ensures additional speeds available to perform its functions and apps.

The suggested retail price for all this value is $450, which both Google and Sony feels is competitive with similar models including the non-compact Sony Xperia Z1, and other rival mobile phones. Google’s plan is apparently to lead with quality in attempting to dominate phone hardware, and this model qualifies.

Google expects this model to help catapult it into the leased the middle of the mix with Samsung and like big brands. Later it may probably succeed, but for now this is a good introduction to an already highly competitive market.

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