Suits Season 4 Coming to a Close with Donna in Court for a Fraud Charge!

February 26, 2015 - By Jan Rainey

Suits season 4 has come back from winter break with an explosive episode 14. It was also special because it was the first time that Patrick J. Adam had directed an episode of the show. This was somewhat significant because this episode of Suits was more plot heavy than usual. There were a lot of emotions being thrown around as well, which can be atypical for the show.

Mike is persuaded to take on a whistle-blower case at the beginning of the show. The case is interesting because the person suggesting it is somewhat of a con-artist, and Harvey doesn’t really want to take the case. Many people now know Mike’s secret, and it’s only a matter of time before it gets leaked to the general public. If or when that happens, the entire firm will be at jeopardy. Mike wins the case eventually, but it opens up another can of worms.

Donna had to illegally obtain documents which helped Mike win the case. Donna has done this before, but the usually get away with it, and cameras caught her sneaking around with the documents. Meanwhile Louis is angry because Jeff paid the firms receptionist to answer the phone without saying his name. But, by the end of the episode Louis takes Jeff out for a drink so they can patch it all up. Rachel had a lot of face time in this episode as well. She was cleaning up everyone’s messes, and had to advise Mike on his plans. Jeff wants to take Jessica to Paris, but she doesn’t want to go. Here’s where the episode sort of gets complicated.

Jessica wants to love Jeff, but can’t anymore, and he finds out that he can’t trust her anymore. There are only two episodes left in the season after this episode. At the end of the episode, we also met the female equivalent of Harvey, who will be serving Donna up in court in the next episode.

The Suits season 4 episode 15 preview is out, and it shows Evan (female Harvey), telling Harvey that they have an impending fraud case coming their way, and the trailer for the new episode confirms that Donna will be charged with fraud. Harvey and Mike are going to work together to solve the case, and the District Attorney comes after the law firm as a whole.

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