Teen Wolf Season 5 will be Scariest Yet, Comes Sometime This Summer!

February 22, 2015 - By Jan Rainey

Teen Wolf season 5 has yet to air, and it has officially been a few months with no new details regarding the upcoming season. Many people appreciate the show because it is similar to the movie of the same name, but a little darker. There isn’t an exact start date for the new season, but most websites are now reporting that it will start around June in 2015.

One of the writers for the show, Eric Wallace, has said that they are working extremely hard to make the fifth season of the show the scariest yet. The filming for the upcoming season has been reported to start as early as March, and that the first episode of Teen Wolf season 5 will be called “Creatures of the Night”. Tyler Posey has said that this season will be “badass” and has said that what they’re doing is so cool that he would personally watch the entire season just for this one unnamed part.

We know that a cast member won’t be around for Teen Wolf season 5, but we don’t know who just yet. We can be assured that if a character does leave the show, a new one will take their place. We do have information on a new character who is set to join the show. His name is Cody Christian, and he will join the cast as a lone wolf whose name is Theo. Theo does go to the same school as Scott McCall, so most people are imaging that he will join Scott’s group of friends.

Many of the other actors on the show have been posting images of them working together on various social media sites as well. Other than “Creatures of the Night” other actors on the show have been saying that the second episode of the season will be really, really good as well. Further leaks of the show hint that the first episode will deal with Scott McCall facing off against a new enemy with his girlfriend Kira.

The actress who plays Kira, Arden Cho, has posted on Twitter that she was really sore after filming one of her scenes for the upcoming season, which hints that there could be a lot of action in the upcoming episodes for Teen Wolf season 5.

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