Teen Wolf Season 5’s Theo will be Drawn to Beacon Hills!

February 28, 2015 - By Jan Rainey

Teen Wolf season 5 is right around the corner. It’s supposed to debut sometime in the summer of this year, but we still do not have an exact date. However, what this does mean is that members of the cast are doing interviews to drum up interest for the new season. Shelly Henning did an interview with TVLine, talking about how Teen Wolf season 5 is shaping up.

She said that she is glad to be on her second season with the show, but never at all felt like she was the new girl when she had her first season last season. With regards to filming, she’s said that they are filming all over the place, and are doing bits and pieces of episodes at time. But, that they are still in the first quarter of the season. She says that they picked up right where the fourth season left off, but that it still feels exciting and that there are many new things to be afraid of.

She also added that they didn’t forget the past, and didn’t just stop talking about members of the cast who have died. Henning also wants to explore Malia and her status on trying to figure out who her mom is. She said that Stiles and Malia are still going good, but they are heading into their senior year, which means that a lot of interesting things can happen. She doesn’t know exactly what will happen with their relationship, but is certain that something will test it over the course of the season. About Malia and Kira’s relationship, she said that it’s a good pairing in general, and for the show.

The feedback she got at Comic-Con about her relationship with the character excited her. The thing she talked about was Cody Christian’s character on the show. He’s new, and nobody really knows who he is. His character is Theo, and he is drawn to Beacon Hills in search of a pack.

He’s been described as charming yet covert, which means that he’ll probably play a key role in certain events during the upcoming season. But, there are other things about him that suggests he’s been to the California town before. Henning said that Theo is definitely new to Malia, but can’t speak for certain of the other character on the show.

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