Thor 3 could be the Start of a New Thor with Ragnarok Storyline!

February 23, 2015 - By Jan Rainey

Although Thor 3 won’t release for a few years, it hasn’t stopped many people from talking about the movie. The movie was officially pushed back a few weeks ago from the middle of July in 2017 until November in 2017. Marvel Studios still hasn’t officially given a reason why. But, presumably it’s because it was going to release too close to Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

Many people are still wondering what will happen at the end of Thor 3. The movie will be using the Ragnarok storyline from the comics. In that storyline, Thor temporarily dies and Asgard is reborn. Loki releases a giant flame demon named Surtur into the world, and Thor has to stop him. In the process, Thor gets angry enough to kill Loki and rips off his head. Part of the reason people are suggesting Thor may die is that Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor in the movies, has been playing Thor for quite a while now. He will have been in three Thor movies as well as two Avengers movies, and Marvel may be looking for a replacement.

In the comics, Thor is currently a woman, and Marvel Studios may want to change the character up in the movies to better match what they are doing in the comics. Many comic are now diversifying their lineups. There is a rumor that the next Spider Man will not be Peter Parker, but in fact will be Miles Morales, who is part African-American and Hispanic.

The female Thor has gotten a good reception, and there is a general lack of female superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far. So, having the current Thor die in Thor 3 and having him be replaced with a female Thor may just be up Marvel Studios alley at this point. We have a good idea of what will happen with Thor 3, we just don’t know the specifics yet.

If the Marvel Cinematic Universe wasn’t a thing, then there is a good chance that we would have a better idea of what Marvel was doing with the movie. But, given that Thor 3 has to fit into an overall picture of movies, we have to wait and see what Marvel Studios will do with the movie in 2017 when it releases.

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