The Voice Season 8 Starts, Adam Levine has No Members on His Team after the First Night!

February 23, 2015 - By Jan Rainey

The Voice season 8 has just begun. The first episode of the new season aired a few days ago, and we have the recap, and people’s thoughts on the new season. There were a number of good auditions as usual. There was a good moment when Bryce Sherlow failed to turn around any chairs after his audition. But, Pharrell hopped on stage to sing a duet with him.

Many people said it made for good TV, and was fun to watch. Adam Levine didn’t manage to recruit a single member to his team so far in The Voice season 8. It’s interesting because he had a particularly difficult time recruiting members to team last season as well. There were a few members during the first episode that seemed like they would be a good fit though. However, there were eight members chosen overall, and most of them were pretty good. The first was Sarah Potenza from Nashville.

She became a member of Team Blake and had all four coaches spinning around. Lowell Oakley impressed both Pharrell and Adam, but in the end, decided to go with Pharrell. Rob Taylor was the next person selected and gave up a music scholarship so he could be with his mother who had a stroke. Rob picked a good song which showed off his vocal range.

He ended up going with Christina, who said she could help him out. Cody Wickline was from a small town and another country singer on the show. Despite what Blake Sheldon said at the beginning of the season about building a non-country singing team, Cody still went with him. Meghan Linsey was the next person to be chosen, and was interesting because she had already won a singing competition. In 2009, she won CMT’s Can You Duet, and was even a member of the group, Steel Magnolia.

Blake Sheldon didn’t recognize her voice, although her group had opened for him on tour. She chose to go with Pharrell. The last (and arguably best) member of this set of auditions was Sawyer Fredericks, who is only 15, had all the chairs turning around. Adam fought for him again, but it didn’t work out, and he went with Pharrell. Both Blake and Pharrell have three members of their team, and Christina only has two members.

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