Website Removes Non-Air Brushed Beyonce Photos After Social Media Backlash!

February 23, 2015 - By Jan Rainey

A Beyonce fan website has removed a massive batch of unedited photos of the music star following a large backlash online.

The images that have now been widely circulated on social media and blogs, were somehow leaked from the chart topper’s L’Oréal cosmetics endorsement from 2013. Upwards of 200 images that had not gone through any kind of digital editing or “photoshopping” were posted on the Beyonce World site last week.

The 33 year old was shown to have uneven skin and blemishes and you can clearly see the layer of foundation and makeup used to hide her natural complexion.

Of course the fact that she was wearing makeup in photo shoots for a make-up company is not shocking at all, but it did reveal a contrast between what she looks like naturally with the makeup and then the digital editing and lighting effects used to smooth out the skin.

Interestingly the vast majority of social media postings supported the world famous star, saying that there was nothing controversial about the pics and that she was still beautiful despite the blemishes. Many posts were sarcastically pointing out that yes, Beyonce is human like the rest of us.

There was however a minority of hateful posts and it’s these that caused a bit of a conflict between online fans of the singer. It’s because of this says the Beyonce World, that they removed the photos. They explained that their intension was not to cause drama, but to actually raise awareness that “our queen is naturally beautiful” but also a “regular woman.”

Another group of people claim the photos themselves are actually fake and it isn’t even Beyonce, or they were edited to make her look bad. This however seems implausible since there are nearly 200 pics. It’s definitely her and there are too many for them all to be fake.

Despite the removal of the images nearly all of them can now be found elsewhere on the web, as many people downloaded and saved them.

Beyonce has come under fire several times for even having her personal social media images “air brushed.”

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