The Young and the Restless, Exciting Spoilers!

June 14, 2014 - By Jan Rainey

Do not read on if you are not interested in spoilers form The Young and the Restless. There is a bombshell on the way in the form of the real biological father of Dylan McAvoy.

Some fans have already been suspicious and thought that Ian Ward did not seem to be a convincing father for Dylan and episodes this week will reveal more information to back this up. In fact it will become clear that his father is actually Paul Williams, the Genoa City detective. Viewers already know that Dylan and Paul have the same blood group and this should have raised their suspicions, in fact some viewers were picking up hints up to eight months ago, even before the actors were starting to feel suspicious themselves!

The revelation is bound to add a lot of interest to the show and will affect many of the characters and their relationships such as Paul and Christine and Paul and Nikki as well as Victor and Nikki. It has also been revealed that the war veteran will see a return to his PTSD. What with it being found out that villain In Ward cannot even have children, there is bound to be a great deal of intrigue!

Pauls critical condition will cause Nikki to think more about the past and remember a night that she spent with Paul around the time she got pregnant. Paul’s father will also return to sit with him through his illness. Ian Ward will also be in some episodes as he give advice to Mariah and encourage her to get everything she can out of Sharon Newman. Summer also returns to Genoa City and asks Avery to defend Austin. Lily is told that her father is marrying Hilary but Devon tries to win Hilary over first.

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