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About Us

Friscofastball.com is owned and published by FriscoBall News Inc, a US-based news company, which was founded in 2014 by a team of journalists, professional traders and investors. The website is an online financial news portal, as well as a financial intelligence platform for individuals and professionals who specialize in trading and investing.

Friscofastball.com is used by professional traders, portfolio managers, value and activist investors, analysts, retail traders, and individuals to monitor, be up to date on, and improve their investment and trading decisions, while spending less time on research and testing. Our differentiated content, financial analysis, and trading models, together with our continuous technological advancements for development and research, creates an invaluable asset in the world of finance.

Our professional but Free-To-Use services include:

Hedge Funds & CTAs:

* Hedge Fund News, 13F, 13G/D News – learn what the best hedge fund managers are buying and selling, how big their bets are, what sectors they are focused on, and how they did in the past.

* Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs) – receive reports on CTAs, their results, as well as back-reversed factors that led to their performance. CTA returns have just been spectacular in the last 35 years. We cover more than 100+ CTAs, their performance, strategies and ideas.

Stocks and Private Companies:

* Stock News, Press Releases, Earnings reports, Financial analysis, Rating Changes and Valuations on more than 100,000 public and private companies.

* Private Financing and Fundraising News: Information about companies that plan to or have raised money privately. These news provide information on the company and the fundraising, it’s purpose and analysis. Useful for competitors analysis.

World News:

* Financial, Economic news and Global Macro News from more than 140 countries. Markets have became more correlated and prone to change and geopolitics play an even more important part of the ever-changing world and markets.

* Macro country reports – learn more about the macro conditions in every one of the 140 countries monitored and analyzed by our team. Coming soon!

Insider Trading News:

Insider Trading News: we cover any insider trading transaction reported by the Security and Exchange Commission. Our research shows that insider trading predicted the last two Major Bottoms in The Stock Market!


FriscoFastBall has an “open door” policy and wants to hear from you.  Whether you have a question regarding one of our stories, corrections, or inquiry for employment opportunities or advertising rates – all the information you need to get in touch is listed below.

You can contact us through our contact page or learn more about our team on editorial page.


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