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Why is San Francisco So Expensive (And are Real Estate Prices Expected to Drop in 2021?)

San Francisco has always been an expensive city to live in. Apartment rental prices are on average the highest in the USA and even though real estate agents have reported a reduction in rental prices over the Coronavirus pandemic, the cost of accommodation remain high. In recent months, the average price of rental accommodation has […]

Best Majors At San Francisco State University

San Francisco State University was established in 1899 and was originally a normal school, which basically taught its students on how to become a teacher after they graduate and was run by the state. Today, San Francisco State University offers a collective total of 118 different bachelor’s degrees. That’s not all, it also offers a […]

Hottest Country Bar San Francisco Locals Don’t Want You to Know About

San Francisco has been widely known for having diverse cultural groups residing in the city. If you are a tourist, or someone living in San Francisco looking for a country bar, then you need to check out these country bars. They are bound to offer you the unforgettable San Francisco experience!  4 Best Country Bars […]

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