How to Enjoy Winter in San Francisco

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Winters in San Francisco can be wet and windy. The average temperature hovers around 48 – 59 degrees so although it’s not exactly cold, it isn’t very warm either. So although you will undoubtedly get some bright sunny days throughout the winter season, the one thing you can rely on is that you can’t rely on the weather.

Luckily there are loads of things to do to enjoy winter in San Francisco so let’s take a look.

Eat out:  You don’t need good weather to enjoy eating out.  And with the city generally quieter outside the tourist season, it means you can always get a table in your favorite restaurant. San Francisco is known for great places to eat so go wild!

Visit the Museums: You have a great choice of interesting museums to visit. Why not check out the California Academy of Sciences which is SFs most visited museum and far quieter throughout the winter months than in summer?  

This museum incorporates an aquarium, a planetarium, a four-story living rainforest, and a natural history museum all under one roof and is the perfect destination for a cold winter’s day. 

Alcatraz: On a cold gloomy day, the boat trip over is atmospheric and weird. Once you get on the island, the prison is actually indoors so uncertain weather is not an issue.

Visit The Chronicle Wine Competition: This takes place every February and showcases the best in American wine with around 5,000 wines at this public tasting event. It takes place at the Fort Mason Center in the Marina district and is staged in a giant pavilion 

Go to a Basketball game: The Golden State Warriors are on fire at the moment and attending a game will heat you up inside and out. The atmosphere in the stadium is electric and filled with blue and yellow energy from the supporters. 

Visit a Film Festival: SF is home to 50 plus annual film festivals. You have a couple to choose from in February; the SF urban Film Fest and the 17th Human Rights Film Festival which takes place at the University. 

Of course, winter is also a perfect time to stay home and with so many of us suffering from seasonal colds, adding to your extra home comfort is always a great idea.The Jax Creature Comforts Essential Oil and Diffuser releases comforting vapours and strengthens your family’s immunity via the powers of essential oils. Manufactured and produced by Greenair this American company specialises in essential oils with a fantastic range of diffusers. Not only will your home smell beautiful, it may even help your health. So whether you are going out in San Francisco or you are staying at home for some quality comfort time, you can enjoy the best of the season.

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